outsourced sales prospecting

Scalability is the #1 outreach team that books qualified leads for you, directly into your Sales' calendar.
Dashboard emailing

The fastest way to grow your pipeline

Our growth team will research your prospect's data and use our platform & knowledge to help you grow and generate fully automated Sales calls for your team.

We find the best companies & personas to talk to
Thanks to our technology, we are able to discover which companies and people you should speak to.
We gather the right contact's data
We use our own growth tool which integrates with more than 20 datas sources and provide us the most accurate B2B contact data.
We take care of the content & response outreach management
Our growth team will create highly personalized sequences thanks to our copywriter experts and will manage responses for you.
We book meetings directly on your Sales's calendar
Calls & demos will be drop directly into your CRM or calendar thanks to our integrations with all majors sales' tools.

Focus on closing deals

Add a 100% automated acquisition channel to help your Sales team close more deals.
Company finder exampleIntegration and set upIdeal Customer ProfileDashboard emailingDashboard emailing
Sales prospecting as a service
Our salablity's experts create your cold outreach strategy, craft highly customisable messages, find the right prospects and grow your sales pipeline for you.
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Easy & quick set-up
After an onboarding with your Sales team to better understand your needs, target market and value proposition, our team will have you up and running in 2 to 3 weeks.
Integration and set up
Qualified prospects only
We only target your Ideal Customer Profile and warm them up with our personalized outreach.
Ideal Customer Profile
Performance-based lead generation
For selected clients, we get only paid for the meetings that are qualified and completed.
Dashboard and reporting
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